Log Viewer for Laravel

Introducing the brand new Log Viewer for Laravel. Open-source with tons of features, fast and beautiful. What more do you need?

Screenshot of Log Viewer for Laravel, an app to quickly and easily preview and search your Laravel logs
Update: Check out Log Viewer updates in the first 2 months!
Update: Check out the latest update - Log Viewer V3!

Over the past month I have been working on an improved and faster version of the log viewer that I've released years ago. It really needed a refresh, especially after I've learned so much as a developer over the last few years. I knew I could do it better this time. So, without further ado...

Introducing, the brand new Log Viewer for Laravel! 🎉

GitHub - opcodesio/log-viewer: Fast and easy-to-use Log Viewer for your Laravel application
Fast and easy-to-use Log Viewer for your Laravel application - GitHub - opcodesio/log-viewer: Fast and easy-to-use Log Viewer for your Laravel application

Now, let's go over a few key features and changes of the updated Log Viewer.

All Laravel logs in one place

Log Viewer supports single & daily Laravel logs, as well as Horizon logs!

Log Viewer showing a list of log files available for preview
List of log files

If your log naming is different, or want to include additional files that don't get initially picked up, you can configure it in the config/log-viewer.php configuration:

Image of a configuration files, showing how you can configure what files to include/exclude in Log Viewer
You can configure what files to include/exclude in Log Viewer

Beautiful log previews

The logs are previewed in a clean way with subtle accents based on the severity of the log. This makes it easy to skim through the logs and find the right one.

Go ahead, click on a log to show more details. While scrolling, the key log information stays sticky for convenience.

Image of the Log Viewer displaying individual logs from a log file. Also shows severity filter buttons,  and a search input.
Log entries for the selected log file

The included Search and Severity Filters also help immensely with filtering out the logs to help you find what you're looking for. Click on a severity button to toggle it on/off.

That's a wonderful feature when working in a team. Click on the index of the log on the right side and you will get the link to that individual log entry.

Share it with a team member, or put it on a project management ticket, bug report ticket, etc.

Screenshot displaying how to copy a link to an individual log entry
Click on the log index to copy a link to it

Note: be mindful of log rotation. These links point to a log file with a specific file name. If that file gets rotated by Laravel or other means, such as the default laravel.log file, the links may stop working or display a completely different log.

Download and remove log files directly from the Log Viewer

Useful when managing tons of log files. It also allows you to download a log file from production, for example, for closer inspection locally.

Screenshot showing how to download and delete log files from Log Viewer
Download & delete log files easily

Clearer view with Shorter Stack Traces

Ever look at the logs and the stack traces are just difficult to read? Hundreds of lines of vendor method calls, which make it hard to find what really matters.

Screenshot showing how "Shorter Stack Traces" option works by removing unnecessary lines from the stack trace in a log entry
Enable shorter stack traces to reduce noise in the logs

You can easily configure what stack trace lines get excluded from the log viewer in the config/log-viewer.php like so:

Configuration file showing a setting for configuring what lines should be excluded when shortening the stack traces
Configure what lines get excluded from the stack traces

Dark Mode

Log Viewer comes with a Dark Mode that looks beautiful. The selected mode is remembered in your browser and if you set it to "System", it will follow your system's preferred light/dark mode!

Log Viewer in dark mode
Log Viewer in dark mode

And more...

I hope you enjoy this release. If you like it, please consider leaving a Star on the repository.

For any issues or bug reports, you can open a new issue on GitHub.

Contributions are also very much welcome! 😄