Announcing Log Viewer v2

Log Viewer V2 includes a front-end rewrite to Vue, removal of Livewire dependency, mobile-friendly UI, updated docs, HTTP API. Read more about the changes here.

Announcing Log Viewer v2

I am thrilled to announce the release of the new version of Log Viewer for Laravel - Log Viewer v2. I have spent several weeks worth of mornings and weekends into improving and enhancing the Log Viewer to make it even better. In this update, I am excited to introduce some new features that will take your debugging process to the next level.

TL;DR: Log Viewer V2 includes a front-end rewrite to Vue, removal of Livewire dependency, mobile-friendly UI, updated docs, HTTP API. Upgrade here -

What is Log Viewer?

Log Viewer is a pet project of mine that got some attention in the Laravel community, and I'm really thankful for that.

It is a tool that myself and my colleagues use at my job every day. It's a great free and scalable log viewer if you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on services for log ingestion. Albeit missing a lot of features compared to the paid solutions, the Log Viewer for Laravel is slowly growing and catching up.

Log Viewer is Open-Source on GitHub with over 2,300 stars, used by nearly 300 public projects, and has over 300,000 downloads already!

GitHub - opcodesio/log-viewer: Fast and beautiful Log Viewer for Laravel
Fast and beautiful Log Viewer for Laravel. Contribute to opcodesio/log-viewer development by creating an account on GitHub.

What's new in v2?

The Log Viewer v2 release puts down a better, more stable foundation for easier use of the viewer, fewer dependencies, and easier improvements in the future.

Front-end rewrite to Vue

I have completely rewritten the front-end of Log Viewer using Vue.js. This change has resulted in significant speed improvements and better mobile-friendly support.

This change also means the Log Viewer no longer uses Livewire, which was the only dependency required to use Log Viewer. I'm happy to say that Log Viewer v2 has no dependencies! (well, apart from Laravel itself 🙂)


Log Viewer v2 is now mobile-friendly! That was one of the biggest requests in the past. You can now open Log Viewer links on a mobile device with confidence that you'll be able to read the logs, search them, and share them - just like you can on a desktop device.


In addition to the new front-end, Log Viewer v2 also comes with an HTTP API that allows you to access log files and log entries via JSON API calls. This feature gives you more control over your logs and allows you to integrate Log Viewer into your existing workflows.

This improvement will also prove useful when implementing multi-server log viewer in the future. How cool would it be to view Laravel logs from all your hosts in a single UI? It's in my backlog!

You can now read about the available endpoints in the updated documentation.

Updated documentation

I have also made significant improvements to the documentation page. You can now find more information about what Log Viewer is capable of and how to use it to its full potential. This new documentation page provides more clarity on the features and functionality of Log Viewer.

Check out the new and updated Log Viewer v2 documentation. You can also still view the docs for v1 if necessary.

How to upgrade?

Could not be easier. I've kept most of the features backwards-compatible so there really isn't much for you to do, except change a line in composer.json and run a couple of console commands.

You can read the full Upgrade Guide in the docs.

Update: v2.2 improvements

The Log Viewer v2.2 release has some major improvements, such as:

  • Multiple host support
  • Accessibility for keyboard navigation and screen readers

You can read the full update here.

Upgrade to Log Viewer v2 now and enjoy the new features and functionality that come with it. You can get the new version by visiting the website. Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to hearing your feedback on this new release.

Keep in mind that this is a free product that I spend my free time to work on. If you're using the Log Viewer daily and you really like it, I would appreciate your support on ☕️ Thanks!